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Hope that you're having a good day - thanks for visiting. I am Len Hamilton, a moderately skilled web developer of custom Internet services. "NewSites" is the name of the company and supportive group I began in the mid-1990's to assist Christian, charitable & non-profit groups in gaining a foothold on the Internet, with all reasonable security and with working, practical stability. And always, "Guaranteed."

Now, over 25 years later I have honestly lost count of the number of websites created and the numerous entities I have been pleased to assist. I trust they all benefitted and their needs were effectively met.

My tech interests and ministry work at church occupy the bulk of my time. I fully enjoy each, but I'm looking to learn a few new things in coming years. There are many related interests to pursue and develop.

fast mobile info pages

Our Fast Mobile Info Pages had featured several local churches and other groups but we no longer provide that service.

Special "mobile friendly" pages are an automatic part of virtually all websites today, and so yesterday's essential services are today's Internet relics. Such is life!

our basic philosophy

As a Christian, I'll simply say that if you too are a follower of Jesus, I need to say little. And if you aren't, well, there is much I would like to speak with you about.

If life isn't being as rewarding as you think it should be, seems too harsh or cold and uncaring, me and let's talk.


I rarely toss a Twitter (X?) tweet these days, but something new may be on & - - or you can try & for other off-the-wall content.

Coding is fun, so learn something new today!

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